Jiuzhou Hao


Developmental (Neuro/Psycho)linguist

Greetings! I'm Jiuzhou Hao

I am a native Mandarin speaker. My first name in Mandarin is written as 九州. My name translated (romanised) into Pinyin would be Jiuzhou respectively. My last name is written in Mandarin as 郝 and this romanises into Hao. The IPA transcription for my full name Jiuzhou Hao would be [tɕiou ʈʂou xau].

I received my PhD in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) in 2022 Supervised by Dr Vicky Chondrogianni and Dr Patrick Sturt. My research explores the development of morphosyntax in typically developing children and children with Developmental Language Disorders (both monolingual and bilingual). In bilingual contexts, I am especially interested in bilingual children who grow up in societies where the societal language is not their home language (i.e., Child Heritage Speakers). In my research, I use a variety of methods to develop a deeper understanding of language abilities, i.e., real-time psycho- and neuro-linguistic processing, offline comprehension and production, amongst these child populations.

When I am not conducting research, I am an avid reader on topics spanning from statistics to natural language processing, as well as nutrition. Indeed, I put my statistical and language processing readings to use in my studies. My reading on nutrition, however, is often used when I am cooking tasty (and healthy) meals for friends and flatmates. If you run into me outside of the University (and/or kitchen), I will likely be near a badminton court, swimming pool, the local hiking trails, or the fitness centre.